Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 Portland Highland Games

Truth be told, Danny has been in my family's lives for several years now (and for many more to come - the lucky fellow is marrying my beautiful sister!) and I have not once seen him perform at the Portland Highland Games.  Travesty!  

I've seen him perform plenty of other times, but this event is truly something to behold.  Men in skirts...throwing HUGE tree trunks (cabers).  Women and girls gracefully dancing to an arguably inelegant form of music.  Stands selling merchandise like cloaks and swords.  It.was.awesome!  It also happened to occur on an extremely hot day which seemed to make it all the more magical. 

With our beers in hand we cheered on Danny and his band.  Next month they are off to the Highland Games in Scotland - we wish them the best and will be eating haggas and drinking scotch in their honor.  Good luck Portland Metro Pipe Band!  You killed it at the Portland Highland Games, now bring home the gold from Scotland...or whatever it is you get when you win best bagpipe band!  A flock of sheep?

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