Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Forlorn Lakes, Gifford Pinchot National Forest

My good friend Kelsey invited me to join some of her friends on a camping trip to Forlorn Lakes.  She and her husband Adam had been before and talked about how beautiful it was, but this was my first time.  And It was indeed a beautiful setting. I drove up by myself in my trusty little Kia Rio, praying I wouldn't get a flat tire on the rocky roads (I should have had more faith - she is a champ and I'm grateful to have her!  Yes - my car is a girl.)
I met up with the crew, set up camp once we chose our site, and got to work on relaxing.  In the evening we had fantastic conversations around the campfire that spanned from politics, to women's issues, to celebrities/movies, to war, to our jobs, to name it!  It was a much needed connection for me and I'm glad these people were willing and wanting to engage in intellectual conversations.  
Thanks y'all for a fun camping trip!  Don't be strangers.

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