Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cassi and AJ

I met Cassi and AJ about 2 years ago when they were homeless and Cassi was 3 months pregnant.  Both Cassi and AJ allowed me to document their lives on the streets in Portland, Oregon and I gained profound insight into the struggles of being homeless.  
When I met Cassi and AJ they were engaged to be married, but their first priorities were finding housing and receiving healthcare.  The state of Oregon provided financial assistance for Cassi and the baby for their medical care at Oregon Health and Sciences University.  Several months into Cassi's pregnancy the family moved into an apartment in Gresham where the first 3 months of rent were paid for by a non-profit organization - with the purpose of giving the family time to work and save money.  
Shortly after moving into their apartment, Sandra, Cassi and AJ's daughter was born July 31, 2012.  After Sandra's birth Cassi and AJ planned a wedding at Multnomah Falls attended by family, friends, and their little daughter on October 7th, 2012. 
Last summer Cassi and AJ were evicted from their apartment because they could not pay the rent.  In our last correspondence they were living outside of Lloyd Center Mall and Sandra was living with AJ's brother.

I recently submitted some photos from this project and was accepted for the Blue Sky's Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers, Portland, Oregon, juried selection 2014. I am so proud to have my work shown and grateful for this opportunity to continue to bring light to homelessness.  Thank you Cassi and AJ for allowing me to photograph your lives.

Below are a handful of photos from our time together.  Many more to come.

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